10 Tips for Packing Abroad

My sister recently embarked on her journey abroad to Australia for her spring semester! This meant one thing- Maddy had to help her pack. Helping her pack was easily one of the hardest things I’ve ever done!

I learned many useful packing tips while packing for my sister before her big journey. If you’re planning on a big vacation or traveling abroad, stay tuned for helpful tips on how to pack accordingly!

  1. Plan Ahead– Don’t just pack random items that don’t match anything in your suitcase. Plan your outfits ahead of time and bring pieces that you can mix and match with multiple different outfit looks.
  1. Weather– Before leaving for your trip, research the temperature for the months you’re away. Learn what time of day is the hottest, whether it rains, snows, or anything in between! My sister travelled to Australia, so she needed mostly warm clothes. This made it a little easier for her because she only had to pack for one season!
  1. Save Room– It may seem like you need EVERYTHING in your closet for the few months abroad, however, remember you’re going to go shopping! Save a little space in your suitcase for any new purchases because trust me, you will make some.
  1. Plan Accordingly– Think about some of the activities you’ll do when you’re abroad. My sister had an itinerary that stated some of her planned activities, which was very helpful when it came to packing. I had to make sure she had clothes for surfing, kayaking, and going to the beach! This prepared my sister for the many adventures she will have in Australia!
  1. Bring the Essentials– Don’t overlook your necessities because it may be hard to purchase your everyday products abroad. I did a little research, and I learned that certain essentials, such as shampoo, makeup wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine products, makeup, etc, are very expensive in Australia. I packed my sister’s necessities to ensure she didn’t go half way across the world and be lost without them.
  1. Seal Liquids– Make sure you seal your liquids to guarantee they won’t explode on your clothes and ruin them. I taped the shampoo with packaging tape and then rolled it in multiple plastic bags. This may seem unnecessary, however, you will regret it if you open your suitcase and find your favorite shirt covered with shampoo!
  1. Tissue Paper– I tightly folded my sister’s clothes to make sure they fit in her suitcase. She packed many delicate items, so to save them from wrinkling; I folded them with tissue paper. This secured their shape and made sure she did not have to worry about ironing!


  1. Chargers and Adapters– Buy chargers and adapters for your particular region of the world because you don’t want to find yourself unable to communicate with your friends and family back home. Most areas of the world require different outlets, so do your research to ensure your electronics stay perfectly charged!
  1. Limit Your Shoes– Shoes are the heaviest and bulkiest item in your suitcase, so limit the number of shoes you take. Lets be honest, you usually end up wearing the same pair of shoes anyways, so save yourself the extra room!
  1. Freshen Up– Pack a small cosmetic bag for the plane to freshen up when you arrive to your destination! Bring your essentials, such as deodorant, makeup wipes, face wash, mascara, and concealer, in your carryon. Also pack a change of clothes that caters toward the weather for your final destination. My sister always dresses warm and cozy for long flights, so I made sure she brought a pair of shorts in her carryon to change into when arriving to the sunny Australia!

I hope these 10 tips help you pack for your new journey. Enjoy your amazing experience as you travel across the world! Hopefully my tips make preparing for your trip less stressful.

Maddy xo


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