Drugstore Beauty Hacks


Drugstore beauty hacks are a personal favorite of mine because of the numerous ways to use popular products already found in your cabinets! Continue reading to find out the multiple ways I use these everyday products!

Vaseline can be used to help strengthen your eyelashes! Apply a coat of Vaseline to your lashes after removing your mascara for the day and repeat this step every night for a couple weeks. Mascara is very damaging, so applying a conditioner like Vaseline helps improve the quality of your lashes!


Baby Powder is my favorite beauty hack because it works great as a dry shampoo! Apply sparingly to your roots, and watch the excess oils immediately disappear. I personally love using baby powder over name brand dry shampoos because the results are outstanding.

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Toothpaste is an easy facemask option! It has been proven that using minty toothpaste as an acne treatment clears the skin. Apply toothpaste on your problem area and watch your pimples disappear!

Coconut Oil is an amazing product with many benefits. One you may not be aware of, however, is that it works great as an eye makeup remover! Coconut oil is super nourishing that it removes your makeup while moisturizing your eye area as well. Two benefits in one!

Baby Shampoo is perfect to use to clean your makeup brushes because it is very gentle. Brush cleansers are always expensive, so use baby shampoo instead!


Tape helps guarantee the perfect winged liner or eye shadow look. Just place a strip near your eye in the direction you want your wing and follow the line! Remove the tape once you are done, and you are left with the perfect winged eye!

Body Lotion is great to use to get rid of your frizzy hair. Run body lotion through your hair sparingly, and watch your frizzy hair disappear in seconds!

Hairspray gets rid of the annoying static in your clothes, so just spray a quick spritz on your problem areas. Hairspray is truly an amazing static remover because it gets rid of the static right away!

I hope you try out these drugstore beauty hacks! They only require product’s already found in your cabinets, making them super affordable. I promise you wont regret it!

Maddy xo

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