Favorite Drugstore Mascara Routine

I am a true believer in drugstore products because of their affordability. Maybelline is my favorite drugstore brand because of the quality of their products while still guaranteeing low prices. Their mascaras are available in multiple versions to either lengthen or add volume to my lashes.

Layering mascaras is perfect for my particular eyelash type. My lashes are rather long, thin, and blonde, meaning I need help darkening and thickening them to make them more intense. My key is to use multiple mascaras with different purposes to enhance my eyes by giving them added volume and length. My chosen mascaras work hand in hand truly making my eyes pop!

The Maybelline Volum’ Express mascaras work best for my lashes. I start my mascara routine by applying The Falsies to my upper lashes because its curved wand allows the product to reach every lash. It fans out my lashes and does not clump. It makes my lashes look fuller and more visible, which is exactly what I need for my thin lashes.

I follow The Falsies with Maybelline’s The Colossal because these two mascaras work together to give my lashes immense volume and length. The Colossal has a dramatic wand that plumps my lashes to give them a lot of volume after the Falsies lengthens them. This mascara adds so much volume, and the best part is that it doesn’t clump my lashes!

I finalize my routine with one last step, and I find it a crucial one. My initial two mascaras were not waterproof, so I like to finish off my look with The Falsies Waterproof on my upper and lower lashes to lock my mascara in place. This step may seem unnecessary for some, however, I have very oily eyelids, so adding this steps makes my mascara stay put throughout the entire day.

These three mascaras compliment each other in a way that transforms my lashes! They work together to add extra glam, volume, and length to my eyes. I hope you try out these mascaras, I guarantee they will not let you down!

Maddy xo

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