How to Stay Cozy this Winter

As the winter weeks progress, the temperature continues to drop and the snow flurries begin to fall. These cold temperatures cause my fuzzy addiction to grow even stronger, so I am here to share my necessities with you on how I stay cozy through this dreaded season! Stay tuned to find out my favorite ways to stay warm!

Blanket– My white fuzzy blanket is my best friend during the winter. Every time I step through the door, I wrap myself in my fuzzy blanket- I’m addicted! I hate being cold, so my blanket is my true companion and everyday essential. Fuzzy blankets can be purchased everywhere, however, my two favorites are from Target and Pottery Barn! They are super warm and perfect for sharing (if you want to be generous).

Socks– Some days I wear two pairs of fuzzy socks at a time just to keep my poesies extra warm and cozy. I probably have about 50 pairs because every time a store has them, I feel obligated to buy a new set! I love all the different colors and patterns fuzzy socks come in. They always keep me warm and are super cozy, perfect for this time of year!

Sweatshirt– I recently purchased a True Grit pullover, and it is easily my best purchase all winter. It is the warmest and coziest sweatshirt I own! I promise you, you will never be cold again if you wear this jacket. Every time I wear it, I immediately feel like Olaf because everyone (even people I don’t know) come up and hug me! It is impossible not to resist this cuddly jacekt!

Hot Chocolate– Whether it’s a warm cup of hot chocolate, hot tea, or coffee, sipping on a hot beverage is my go to when I want to be cozy. Take advantage of the delicious holiday Starbucks flavors while they last! I can’t go throughout the winter without a nice peppermint hot chocolate or mocha. Too yummy!! Holding it while walking to class or sipping on it while watching a movie always keeps me nice and warm!

Blanket Scarves– Blanket scarves are the perfect winter accessories because their oversized style is perfect while walking in the cold winds! Check out my post on statement scarves to learn how I like to wear this fashion piece.

Burn a Fire– Cuddle up by a warm fire to stay extra cozy this winter. Burning a fire is the perfect addition to being cuddled under a blanket while watching a movie and drinking a cup of hot coco!

Loose Sweatpants– I love being comfortable when it is chilly outside, and sometimes yoga pants are not the answer. Loose sweatpants have become more popular and can be found in many stores. Their fuzzy inside makes them perfect to cuddle in and very comfortable and warm. I love Aerie and Victoria Secret’s sweatpants!

UGG Slippers– I personally love wearing Ugg Slippers in the winter because they can even be warn outside! Many slippers are for indoor use only, however, Ugg Slippers were designed with supportive bottoms to be worn even in snow! Find them here!

Candles– I love burning a winter scented candle this time of year while I cuddle under my blanket. The array of scents cater to any occasion, so pick your favorite to burn throughout your house!

I hope these tips keep you extra cozy and warm this winter! Happy winter!

Maddy xo


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