New Years Eve Outfit Idea: Sequins

New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to dress up and channel your inner Vogue! The biggest night of the year is just a day away, so express yourself through your outfit to start the New Year off with a fresh start. There are multiple ways to create the ultimate party look, so keep reading for my favorite New Years Eve style tip!

Sequins is the perfect way to add that necessary sparkle to your NYE look! Wear sequins to shine throughout the night and be bold and daring. Sequins can be worn multiple ways, whether used as the main focal point of the outfit or through added accessories.

Wear a sequin dress to make a statement this New Years Eve. Sequin dresses come in multiple styles and colors, so pick the one that you feel most comfortable in. I adore gold sequins because it’s not as bold and is simple. Pair Sequins with some neutral heals, and you have an immediately stunning look for the night!

NYE Cover               

               Nordstrom                                             Nordstrom                                                     Nordstrom

If wearing a statement piece on NYE is not for you, try wearing sequin pants, a skirt, or blazer. This adds sparkle to your look without being too overbearing. Wearing sequins with a neutral blazer can easily simplify your outfit and make it less bold. White and black blazers compliment sequins nicely.

                   LuLu’s                                                              Nordstrom                                                Forever 21  

Sequins is a major statement piece, however, it’s stunning when worn correctly. NYE gives everyone a perfect reason to wear something outside of their comfort zone, so try switching up your everyday look and wear something with that added sequin sparkle.

I hope each and every one of you has an amazing New Years Eve! I know you will all look stunning. Happy New Year!!

Maddy xo


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