Tips To Survive Finals

April showers bring not only May flowers but also the dreaded time of finals. The next few weeks are going to be filled with constant studying to finish out the spring semester, so I put together a few of my favorite study tips to help anyone survive finals. Keep reading to learn my favorite ways to survive this stressful time of year:

Ask For Help– Don’t be afraid to ask your professors and peers for help when studying for finals. I recommend visiting your professors’ office hours or academic tutoring center to review key concepts and ask any last minute questions. Both of these resources are provided to support students, so take advantage of what the school has to offer to help you succeed within your final exams. Never be afraid to ask for help because the people around you only want to watch you succeed!

Never Wait Until the Last Minute– Waiting until the last minute is never the answer. Stay on top of your notes and classes to avoid the dreadful late night cram sessions in the library. Start studying as soon as possible, so you can ask your professors any last minute questions or concerns. Procrastinating will only make finals even more stressful!


Prioritize Your Exam Schedule– Take a closer look at the exam schedule posted online and review the order of your finals. Write down each exam time in your planner to stay up to date on the lineup of each final. Prioritize your studying based on the order and importance of your exams to ensure no last minute cramming.

Stay Healthy– Staying healthy throughout finals week is just as important as studying for your exams. It may seem beneficial to spend “all-nighters” in the library to ensure the most hours of studying, however, staying well rested is truly the way to success. Lack of sleep will only hurt your exam scores rather than help them. Along with this, make sure you stay hydrated and fueled with healthy snacks to keep energized during your studying.

Don’t Stress– Most importantly, stay relaxed during your exams. Take some study breaks by enjoying an at home pamper session during your studying to help clear your mind and focus on your academics. Read my Easy At Home Spa Day Post to learn my favorite ways to relax at home. Also, make sure you enjoy the last few days with your friends before leaving. Stressing over your exams will only do you more harm than help, so remember to spend this time with your closest friends and cherish the memories that come from it.


I hope my final study tips help you finish out the semester! Even though this time brings constant studying, don’t forget to enjoy the last few weeks of the academic year with your friends. Happy studying!!

Maddy xo


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